Birthday Parties

You’re invited to a River Bend birthday party! Whether you’re a parent, child, an adult who loves nature, or any combination of these, we invite you to celebrate your birthday at River Bend Nature Center.

We have several program options, and we are flexible so that we can meet the needs of each party. Programs are designed around the age your group and are generally one hour. All are hands-on, outdoor science based explorations through the woodlands, prairie, ponds and riverbanks. 

Scavenger hunt / hike with a naturalist (all ages, offered year-round)
      Explore nature at River Bend with a naturalist guide!
      $80 for up to 10 children, $8 per additional child.

Archery (ages 7+, offered summer & fall)
      Learn the in’s and out’s of shooting target archery! 
      $150 for up to 10 participants, $15 per additional participant.

Survival skills (ages 6+, offered year-round)
      Do you have what it takes to survive the big woods of River Bend?
      Learn the basics of survival including preparedness, shelter-building, and camp fire safety.
      $100 for up to 10 children, $10 each additional child.

Canoeing / kayaking (offered summer & fall)
      Enjoy the calming wilderness of the Root River on a guided canoe or kayak excursion
      where fish jump, turtles sunbathe, and beaver swim!
      Children under 10 must have an adult in their boat.
      $25 per boat + $25 for the guide, 5 boat minimum.

Call or email us for more information!

262-639-1515 or