Chain Saw Safety Presentation

Saturday, June 18, 2022
9am – 10:30am

Safety in Chainsaw Use and tree felling.

Do you use chainsaws? (or would you like to learn more about them?) Have you ever read your manual or learned about chainsaw safety? Aaron Schauer, Instructor & Program Director Arboriculture/Urban Forestry at Gateway Technical College, will share his knowledge and expertise in this presentation which will introduce attendees to the basic rules when cutting with a chainsaw. We’ll discuss some ideas of cutting technique, how a chainsaw works to cut wood, chaps and other safety equipment, and, lastly, we’ll have a basic tree-felling demonstration and discussion.

This event is free of charge; reservations are not required, but we ask that you please let us know if you plan to attend. (262-639-1515 or email

Free will donations are always welcome and appreciated.